Monday, December 10, 2012

Time to start the Brew Stand. I decided to build it out of wood and liked what Kal did on so I followed his design but enlarged it a bit. I still kept with the 36" tall but went with 3' deep and 6' long. Here is what I did to date.......

Here was my shopping list:

1.      (Qty:3) 12 foot long piece of 2x6"
2.      (Qty: 1) 8 foot long piece of 2x6"
3.      (Qty: 4) 8 foot long piece of 2x4"
4.      (Qty: 14) 10 foot long piece of 1x4"
5.      (Qty: 24) 3/8-16 x 5" hex bolt 
6.      (Qty: 24) 3/8"-16 hex nut
7.      (Qty: 52) 3/8" flat washer
8.      (Qty: 4) 3/8" x 5" hex lag screw
9.       (Qty: 8) 2.5" deck screw
10.   (Qty: 76) #8 x 1.5" flat head wood screw
11.  6" long 3/8" softwood drill bit
12.  6" long 9/32" softwood drill bit
13.  7/64" softwood drill bit
14.  946mL can of MinWax pre-stain wood conditioner
15.  946mL can of MinWax Gunstock water-based wood stain
16.  946mL can of MinWax polyurethane clear semi-gloss
17.  3-4 disposable foam brushes

Have the store cut the 12 foot 2x6" lumber in half to make six 6 foot long pieces.

When you get home trim 5 of the six foot long 2x6" pieces to 69". Cut the other 6 foot long piece in half to make two 36" long pieces.
Also cut the one 8 foot 2x6" piece into two 3 foot pieces. These will be used as the sides and a top center brace.
Cut the 2x4" lumber into eight 34" pieces. These will be screwed together in sets of two to create the 4x4" legs.
Cut the 1x4" lumber into forty-two 36" pieces to be used for the shelf tops.

You should end up with the following pieces ready to be bolted & screwed together:
(Qty: 5)   2x6x69" 
(Qty: 4)   2x6x36"
(Qty: 8)   2x4x34"
(Qty: 42) 1x4x36"

Time to do some cutting.......

I took and cut the 2x4's and screwed two together to make the legs.......

I cut the 1x4 to 36 inches long. Yes all 42 of them.......

I cut 5 of the 2x6's to 69 inches long for the front and back rails for both the top and bottom as well the upper support rail. I also cut the four of the 2x6's to 36 inches long for the side rails for both the top and bottom.......

Now for drilling holes and bolting all this wood together.......

Had to counter-sink the back of the 2x4's as my 5 inch long bolts were about an 1/2 inch to short. No biggie as it worked out just fine.......

Laid some of the 1x4's on top to see what it will look like but had to call it an evening for now.......

I will lay the 1x4's across the bottom first and screw them down then do the top. Then will come time to stain and seal the brew stand and let it dry before the next step. Hope to get to this within the next couple of days.

I wanted to go ahead and build the Brew Stand and sit the kettles on it to get a feel of what the space would be like and give me a better idea as to where to install the exhaust fan's as well as the control panel and so forth. 

More later.......

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